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Lucy V video – Rubbing her feet

Another fresh week and time for one more superb and sexy Lucy V video to be brought to your screens today everyone. For this movie the sexy woman goes a bit oriental for her update. She seems to have gotten her slutty little hands on some aromatic oils and she simply ahs to test them out today by rubbing them all over her sweet and sexy body as you might imagine. So just sit back, relax and watch her naughty foot fetish show once more. You know you’ll always be in for some great times with LucyV in all her scenes.

When the said scene starts off, and the movie starts to be recorded, Lucy makes her appearance dressed in her little ceremonial outfit. Watch her as she takes her spot on the couch, and you can see that she’s all ready to get things started. Watch her rubbing her superb and long sexy legs today and then watch some more. You can never go wrong with this lady and this is why. Well see you again next week with some more Lucy V pics guys. We can safely tell you now that there’s no way you can miss that one!

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Hot Lucy V porn video

Hey there guys, time for you to see one more Lucy V video today. This is a special occasion as the sexy woman wants to commemorate her unbroken promise. As you remember she said that she’d bring you only the best of the best of her scenes and she held true to that. So this fine video is here as a little thank you from her to you guys. So without further due just sit back and watch her as she’ll be doing her usual thing. In this fine movie she goes for one more solo session but dressed all sexy once again for you.

As always Lucy V knows what she has to do and she wastes no time in getting to do it. She takes a bit of time to tease and entice you with her lovely body, but then she takes her seat on the bed as she starts to slowly and sensually rub her pussy with her underpants still on. Worry not eventually you get to see her masturbate all naked since she can’t keep her clothes on for long when she gets really horny. Well that’s about it everyone, we will be seeing you next week once more with her usual update and another superb video. For similar videos check out hot Elli Nude‘s blog. Enjoy!

Hot Lucy V porn video

Watch naughty Lucy in sexy lingerie rubbing herself!

Amazing foot job

The queen of naughty sex returns again for this update with some fresh and new and also hot Lucy V pics for you. Well for this one the woman wants to show that she’s great at giving any type of cock stroking, and to help her she had a eager guy there with her to help her out. She’s going to be giving him the foot job of a life time tonight as he just gets to lay on his back and enjoy!

LucyV as you know, knows what she’s doing and she gets the guy all ready very fast. She does suck his cock in the beginning to get him all nice and hard for the next part. Then you can see her revealing her sexy legs to the cameras. You just have to see this hot session done by Lucy today everyone. For a superb bonus she stroke the guy until he came all over her sexy feet this fine day. If you liked this scene, enter the website and see another fetishist model offering amazing footjobs!

Amazing foot job


See sexy Lucy rubbing those huge tits!

LucyV – Naughty in sexy lingerie and stockings

As this fresh and new week swung by we bring you some more fine and sexy LucyV pics to see.For this new scene the hottie decided to go for another hot and sexy solo shoot as she knows that you will like what you see. She wants to cater to that side of you that wants to see her do even more solo shoots by herself in which she gets to please herself. Well this is no exception to the rule as you might think. For this occasion she got herself a nice and sexy brand new lingerie outfit that she was more than eager to show off. And Lucy V was sure that you would like it allot today. So let’s get her little show started.


As the cameras start rolling, the beauty makes her entry to the set all dressed up in her sexy and hot outfit. And she wastes no time in getting straight to work as she begins to pose and tease you all around the place while she takes off her clothes. Eventually as you all expect, the lady takes her panties off and spreads her long and super sexy legs wide open to give you a nice close up of her pussy and that can only make you think about what’s coming next from the sexy lady. Watch her as she also starts to masturbate fast and hard in this Lucy V porn scene and enjoy everyone. As always we’ll be back next week with some more hot and sexy stuff.

Lucy V Naughty in sexy lingerie and stockings

 Watch sexy Lucy fingering herself!

Riding a big cock and sucking her toes

Well we promised you guys another Lucy V video and here it is. And as always this sexy woman seems to be willing to go all out acting very naughty and dirty for your viewing pleasure just like in footsiebabes gallery. So let’s see what she prepared for today. In this video that she brings you she wants to show that she can go full naughty mode once more. This time she’s taking the role of a house wife that wanted to prepare herself to be more cute and sexy for her man. But sadly the dude returned before she could finish her makeup in this Lucy V porn update.

Well either way, the dude is really impressed with the lengths to which the sexy brunette went to to try and please him today. And to show her that he really appreciates her effort nonetheless he simply takes her into the bedroom as she is. And once there the sexy woman gets to do some hard style cock sucking for her man an your pleasure today. Then she takes her rightful spot on his cock as she rides it with her pussy while trying to like her own sexy toes. Enjoy her everyone and do come back next week for some more of the sexy LucyV everyone!

Riding a big cock and sucking her toes

See hot Lucy stripping off and getting fucked!

Lucy V – Dirty in sexy stockings

Another fresh week and time for some more new Lucy V pics to be delivered to you guys. As you saw before, you know that this little babe always loves to show off no matter what and for today’s update she does so again. For this one the sexy brunette lady has some more amazing images of her and her lingerie teasing you for the incredible scene, just like in the videos from jb video website. And like always we come here to bring it to you as you will get to see her do her thing again. And we guarantee that she won’t disappoint once more with her superb gallery.

Lucy V Dirty in sexy stockings

Lucy V seems to have found herself a nice and sexy outfit composed of some very hot lingerie. a black and blue se through bra with some very small and sexy panties, and some thigh high stockings that made her look as sexy as she always is. She takes her seat on the set and lifts her long legs up as she takes off her panties, granting you some nice views of her incredible ass and pussy. Then you get to see this horny slut as she fingers herself for your enjoyment, and she does so fast and hard until she orgasms and cums. Bye guys!

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Black pantyhose foot job

The sexy and wild brunette returns with some more Lucy V porn scenes for you today. In this gallery you can see her as she gets to have her way with a lucky dude that she picked up at a bar. You know she has the moves and she never wants to go home empty handed and without a cock. Lucky for her this stud couldn’t resist her and before he knew it he was joining her as they headed back to her place, and they intended to do some very kinky stuff like in footfetishdaily videos as well. So let’s sit back and watch LucyV as she does her thing, fucking the lucky man.

As we promised, they get around to do some very kinky stuff. And this dude seems to have a fetish for foot jobs. Not to worry, as Lucy is always happy to comply with the weirdest sex request. And so she had him undress as she took her rightful spot on top. Watch as Lucy works the guy’s big dick with her sexy feet today and enjoy. You can bet that the lovely hottie didn’t stop until the guy blew his load all over her sexy feet. So like always enjoy it everyone and we’ll see you next week with more fresh content of this beauty. Bye bye!

Black pantyhose foot job

Watch sexy Lucy getting ready to rub a cock with her feet!

Lucy V pussy fingering

Hey there guys, the kinky lady is back today and she has even more Lucy V pussy scenes for your eyes to see today. She seemed to have had tons of fun last time with her being solo and just having her fun with her pussy. And so for this little quick scene she wants to go at it again as you will see. without any further due, let’s sit back and see what LucyV brings for you today.

Lucy V pussy fingering

When the scene starts, you can see that this horny woman wasted no time in getting herself in some very hot and sexy outfit. Well she also wastes no time in letting you know that she wears no panties underneath those stockings and you can see her pussy in all it’s glory. Watch her as she starts to finger fuck herself some more for you in this fresh update. Be sure to come back next week once more for some Lucy V video scenes everyone! If you liked this cutie click here and watch other fetishist models fingering their wet pussies!

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LucyV – Naughty in blue nylons

Hey there once more everyone, LucyV comes back this fine week with some more of her enticing and sexy gallery updates. For this one she felt like you guys needed to get to know her superb body better and so, that led to her desiring to do one more hot and sexy solo photo shoot for you guys. Like the gals from website, she loves getting naked in front of the video camera so in this nice and sexy scene you get to see her have fun all by herself on her bed while teasing you with her amazing body. Well any show of hers is incredible and you shouldn’t miss this everyone. So grab a seat and let’s get around to watching Lucy V have her self pleasing session in front of the cameras for today and for your viewing pleasure shall we?

When the cameras start to roll, the brunette porn star makes her entry to the so called set that also seems to be her room. And all dressed in some very sexy and kinky light blue lingerie with stockings she takes her spot on the bed as she knows what you’re here to see. At first she does one fine job to tease you with her superb curves as she massages them, and then you can see her taking off her panties to reveal her eager and always cock hungry pussy. And with that she starts to rub and finger fuck her pussy just for you as she knows that you’re watching closely. Stay tuned for more guys, we may have some more Lucy V video updates in the future for you.

Lucy V - Naughty in black nylons

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Lucy V – Foot worship

Hey there guys, the sexy and hot brunette returns with an awesome and fresh Lucy V video for you guys today. This fine day the lusty and sexy woman wanted to show off some full motion pictures of her and her catch for the night. She managed to snag herself this lucky dude while she was on a little walk outside. And lucky for the dude, the sexy woman was just looking from some fresh cock for tonight. And so, the lusty beauty got him snared, and before he knew it he was heading back to her place with the lady.

Lucy V - Foot worship

As the hardcore sex scene starts off the two are all ready back to Lucy’s place and the sexy woman feels the need to have her sexy feet worshiped today. So she wastes no time in getting the dude undressed while she still keeps on her sexy black and pink lingerie. Watch as the dude sucks on her toes while the brunette goes down on his big cock, to his pleasure. We hope you’ll have a good time with this one guys and we will see you one more time next week with some Lucy V pics that you simply can’t miss. So enjoy, have fun and see you then.

Have fun watching Lucy getting nasty next to the pool!

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